“Show Dogs” Hits Unexpected Controversy

Having just opened last weekend, the Will Arnett-led “Show Dogs” came and went along expected lines – some families turned out, critics mostly ignored the film, and it did alright.

Now though the film has been hit by controversy as parents groups have released statements condemning the movie for allegedly putting across a message that sexual abuse is acceptable.


The controversy surrounds a comedic scene in which the film’s main dog (voiced by Ludacris) goes undercover in the world of dog shows. During an event, he has his genitals inspected by a judge ans soon begins to become more comfortable with it – by the end he’s fine with what happened.


This has led to groups saying this pushes forward the idea that sexual abuse can become comfortable and acceptable over time. Distributors Global Road have been quite to act, and in a statement have announced they have removes two scenes from the film which some have deemed not appropriate for children. The revised version of the film will be available for viewing nationwide starting this weekend.”

Source: Deadline