Shout! Nabs The Roger Corman Library

Shout! Factory and Ace Film HK Company Limited (ACE) have purchased the New Horizons Picture library which encompasses 270 of Roger Corman’s films along with an action sci-fi TV series from Roger and Julie Corman for an undisclosed sum.

The deal covers North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, China, Asia, Africa, and South America. Popular Corman properties include “Battle Beyond the Stars,” “Piranha,” “Galaxy of Terror, “Bloodfist,” “Black Scorpion,” “Humanoids from the Deep” and “Slumber Party Massacre”.

Shout! Factory and ACE Film plan to support these 270 titles with a long-term growth strategy that includes new content development, remakes, merchandise licensing programs, digital media initiatives, and content syndication to domestic and international territories.

Source Shout! Factory