Shocker – “Battleship” Not Like The Game

As the leftover interview transcripts and videos still trickle in from last weekend’s WonderCon, an interesting interview with “Battleship” director Peter Berg has popped up over at Heat Vision.

Asked about the film’s relationship to the game, Berg says “Battleship’s a unique experience. It certainly doesn’t have any direct correlation to the game. That being said, it was a lot of fun to try to find way to reference the game. If you look at the ordinance that the enemies use, it looks a bit like pegs. Both of our ships’ radar systems have trouble seeing each other, so they gotta try and predict where the enemy is so that they can go after them. And there were some other things that were kind of fun. They were certainly never mandated, but anybody that’s of a certain age that knows the game will look at it and probably kind of smile to themselves.”

Berg also revealed he’d been keen to do a naval film for a while and had considered several including a film about the USS Indianapolis sinking, a biopic of Revolutionary War naval fighter John Paul Jones, and a film about the history of the whaling ship Essex (which inspired “Moby Dick”) but each had their own problems and were difficult to sell.