“SHIELD” S4 Goes Darker & More Mystical

With “Doctor Strange” on the horizon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to take on a more fantastical tone. That will be reflected in ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ” which is set to be a quite different show when it returns with its fourth season this Fall.

Though the announcement of Ghost Rider being a part of the series stole the limelight at Comic Con last weekend, the show’s executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen have revealed that the series will make a very real effort to ground the world of magic that’s coming in by blending it with a real basis in science. Whedon tells CBR:

“You’ll see this in the movies that are coming. In Thor, they famously said, ‘Magic is just science we don’t understand.’ The MCU started with Iron Man, who is a guy who built a suit — a smart guy built a suit. And then when you put Thor into that world, it started to be like, ‘How are these things going to work?’ And they worked!

So they started to open up into the world of the fantastic, and we will be doing that this year in terms of sort of trying to blend the two and trying to see if there are things we don’t understand, why, and then meanwhile we’re building things that we do understand, that maybe we start to lose our understanding of them.

I think that we’re going to slowly start to develop some very advanced technology this season, and maybe — as that becomes more advanced and we have strange peopleā€¦ possessed people — those things somehow merge down the line.

With a new 10pm time slot, “Agents of SHIELD” returns with all new episodes in September.