“SHIELD” Gets Web Series, Mid-Season Promo

With the Ghost Rider arc coming to an end in the mid-season finale of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” last night, ABC and Marvel have teased where things will go next for the series.

First up, the show will return in a few weeks with the run of episodes being dubbed “SHIELD: LMD (Life Model Decoy)”. A promo for that run can be seen below.

Before that though a new six-part Slingshot Digital Series is also on the way from Tuesday December 13th. Said shorts will revolve around a secret mission with Natalia Cordova-Buckley’s character Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez.

Showrunner Melissa Tancharoen confirms to IGN that ‘LMD’ is the second of three major storylines for this season, and the shift doesn’t mean we won’t see more of Robbie Reyes:

“We have three different [story] pods this season, and they will all feel distinctly different. We’re moving into a new pod. That doesn’t mean [Robbie] is gone or that he will not be involved at some point, but it will definitely have a different feel.”

“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” returns from Tuesday January 10th at 10pm.