Shia – The New Indiana?

This is more than rumour it seems. Aint it Cool first claimed to have heard from ‘reliable sources’ that Shia LaBeouf (“Constantine”, “I, Robot”) is going to play Indiana Jones’ son in the upcoming “Indiana Jones IV”.

The news doesn’t come from left field as such – LaBeouf stars in the thriller “Disturbia” and the action epic “Transformers” this Summer, both produced by Indy helmer Steven Spielberg.

The well-hung C.H.U.D., feisty Latino Review (who claims to have had the report a full fortnight ago), and now a source I know have all stated this is pretty much set.

Personally I’m more dubious, but it seems a relatively logical choice but a little odd. There’s talk the role is one partly of comic relief in the project, in which case it seems suitable.