Shia LaBeouf Retires From Public Life

27-year-old actor Shia LaBeouf has announced through his Twitter feed that he plans to “retire from public life” following the pressures of accusations of plagiarism.

The revelation follows a cease-and-desist letter he received from a lawyer for Daniel Clowes, the author whose comics he’s accused of plagiarised with his short film After apologizing on Twitter on numerous occasions, for which he came under fire again for having seemingly plagiarised said apologies, he even commissioned a skywriting ‘Sorry’.

The letter, which LaBeouf posted, labels the actor as “seriously out of control” and that “he must stop his improper and outlandish conduct directed at Mr. Clowes and his works, and must take all necessary and appropriate steps to redress his wrongs.”

It is not known what this means for LaBeouf’s acting career. The actor will next be seen in Lars von Trier’s controversial two part film “Nymphomaniac”.