Shia Denies Indiana Jones Reports

For around a fortnight the rumour has been that actor Shia LaBeouf was attached to the upcoming “Indiana Jones IV”, and yesterday morning the trades pretty much confirmed the reports.

Now the tables have been turned as last night at a Sony promotional event for “Surf’s Up”, LaBeouf says it’s nothing more than an internet rumor than has run amok.

According to Collider, LaBeouf apparently not only stuck to the story on and off the record but also made it pretty clear that “he was done playing those types of roles” in regards to playing comic relief in blockbuster movies.

Would he deny it if offered though? The IESB says according to him “depends on what the script is about, he doesn’t want to go in as just a sidekick character”.

He also indicated that “Transformers” got an R rating, but a call from Spielberg to the MPAA asking for appeal eventuated into a PG-13.