Sherlock Xmas Special To Hit Cinemas

Following in the wake of the success of the “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special in late 2013, producer Steven Moffat has announced plans for a limited theatrical run of this year’s upcoming “Sherlock” Christmas special.

Moffat revealed the news during a Comic Con panel for the series today in San Diego, along with revealing the first clip from the special below. As previously announced, this will be a completely stand-alone, one-off special set in the Victorian era with the cast taking on their roles in a period appropriate context – which makes it perfect for a theatrical run and audiences not familiar with the series.

Sadly Moffat and fellow executive producer Sue Vertue said a fourth series of the show remains a “long, long way off”. Having only really adapted ten of the sixty Sherlock stories though, Moffat he also says they are not worried about running out of material in the near future.