“Sherlock” Returns To Healthy Ratings

Not including last year’s New Years special one-off, it has been three years between the third and fourth full season of The BBC’s “Sherlock”. That’s a long gap for any series, and has raised the obvious question as to whether fans have maintained interest.

First ratings figures are now in and suggest they certainly have with the 90-minute episode “The Six Thatchers” pulling in an overnight ratings figure of 8.1 million viewers in the United Kingdom.

That made it the most-watched show of the day, albeit down about 300,000 viewers for ‘The Abominable Bride’ and 1.1 million for the third season premiere which was the show’s highest rate episode to date.

The third season premiere also aired yesterday in the U.S. on Masterpiece. Two further episodes are to air – “The Lying Detective” on January 8th and the finale “The Final Problem” on January 15th.

Source: Deadline