Sherlock Renewed For A Third Season

Just after the airing of the second season finale of the BBC’s “Sherlock” in the UK on Sunday, show runner Stephen Moffat confirmed on Twitter that the BBC has already ordered a third season. In fact the network commissioned it around the same time they did the second.

Between 7.9 million and 8.8 million viewers (around a 30% audience share) tuned into all three telemovie-length episodes of the second season on BBC1 this month – that’s an impressive jump on the 7.5 million who tuned into the pilot episode in July 2010 which was the highest rated episode of the first season.

The questions now are when will the next season air and which of Doyle’s stories will they use. With Freeman and Cumberbatch’s “Hobbit” and “Star Trek 2” commitments, along with Moffat’s “Doctor Who” workload, both are likely to be busy until later this year at the earliest.

The second season of “Sherlock” is scheduled to air States-side on PBS in May.