“Sherlock” Duo Plan “Dracula” TV Revival

The “Sherlock” team of producers Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are set to team up for another adaptation of an iconic figure of Victorian literature – Dracula.

The plan is to follow the “Sherlock” model of three or four feature-length episodes per season and talks are underway with the BBC to produce and air it.

It’s unclear if the series will take on a modern day setting, though it wouldn’t be unexpected not just because of “Sherlock” but also Moffat’s acclaimed mini-series “Jekyll” which brought Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into contemporary times.

Gatiss and Moffat previously co-wrote three episodes of “Sherlock” together, including the fourth season (and likely series) finale that aired earlier this year. Both have also worked together numerous times on “Doctor Who”.

Gatiss also actually starred in a stage production of Dracula last year, while the character hasn’t been far from screens in recent years – be it NBC’s steampunk-esque Jonathan Rhys Meyers-led 2013 series, the Luke Evans-led “Dracula Untold” film in 2015, serving as the main antagonist of the third and final season of “Penny Dreadful” last year, and likely to be a part of Universal’s Dark Universe initiative.

Source: Variety