Sheridan On “Dreamhouse,” “Claudius”

Out doing promotion for his latest film “Brothers”, Irish director Jim Sheridan sat down with us and updated us on the status of the many projects he’s been linked to in recent months – some correctly, others not so much. The full interview with Sheridan about “Brothers” can be found in the interviews section.

The Daniel Craig-led psychological thriller about a family who move to a house with a dark past in a small New England town.

Sheridan says: “That’s a definite. That’s happening right now, with Daniel Craig”. Anyone else cast? “Not yet, but we’re looking at a few people, but I’ll know it in a week” he says, and hopes to begin shooting in February.

Asked if he is comfortable taking on such an American genre film, he replied “I think a lot of the time when I was in the past, kind of thinking, “Will I do that kind of movie?” I didn’t because of fear. Fear of failure and whatever, but now I’m a little bit less concerned about that, and just go – okay, let’s just do it”

I, Claudius
A film remake of Robert Graves’ classic 1934 novel set in Ancient Rome about the stuttering Claudius who played up his disability to survive his murderous, imperial family. The BBC’s ten part mini-series based on the book and its sequel in 1976 remains the signature adaptation.

Sheridan confirms he’s on the project “I’ve adapted the script, I just need to fix it, and then find Claudius”. Casting wise he said if Claudius is played by a British actor, “you’d have to go all British, I think” and he later joked “It could be Daniel [Craig] and you could cast Colin Farrell as Caligula (laughter)… but there could be a lot of different things”.

The project’s expense isn’t an issue either – “There are some scenes that are outside, but a lot of it is like, a palace revolution with the Senate and the palace , so you can almost do 90 percent of it in there.”

What concerns him is the nature of the lead character – “Claudius is at home on TV, he’s a non-proactive character, so you can stick with him over weeks and get to know him, But in a movie, it’s hard to get to know somebody like that, so, I kind of need to make him a bit more proactive”

Black Mass
The story of the Boston gangster Whitey Bulger who built up the Winter Hill Gang into a mob that did everything from sell drugs to procure guns for the Irish Republican Army out of Boston. Sheridan says “That’s something we’re working on… it’s kind of an Irish movie, about Irish gangsters”.

Sheriff Street
Sheridan’s “dream project” that he wrote years ago about growing up in Ireland. He hopes to get it off the ground soon, but “it’s difficult, because a movie is a movie, and it cost money and I found it very difficult to raise enough to make it, Or I have to re-conceive how I make it.”

Emerald City
Deals with Irish organized crime in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Sheridan says “That’s something I kind of have chilled out on, so that’s not hot right now”

“No, not happening” says Sheridan about the remake of the Kurosawa classic.