Shea Wingham Reveals “Joker” Role

Shea Wingham Reveals Joker Role

Out doing some early press for Amazon’s “Homecoming” series, actor Shea Whigham (“Agent Carter,” “Kong: Skull Island”) has revealed the role he’s playing in Todd Philips’ upcoming feature which deals with the origin of iconic Batman villain The Joker (Joaquin Phoenix).

Speaking with Collider, Whigham was surprisingly forthcoming about his part and confirms he’s still right in the middle of shooting the movie:

“[Bill Camp] and I play two cops from Gotham P.D., in 1981 when the city was tough. We’re investigating something that’s just happened, at the start of the piece. We’re trying to get to the bottom of it, and it leads to where it leads to.

You know, it’s rare that I’ve been on a set where it feels like it crackles. It’s pretty amazing . . .I want to have an experience. I don’t call it a job. I don’t say that I have a job. I have a gig, or a piece, or a film, or a show, but it’s never a job . . . We’re having an experience on Joker. People haven’t seen how the Joker becomes the Joker, and oh, my God, man, it’s incredible. It really is.

The comments come as new set photos are out at JustJared showcasing Phoenix acting on set, taking a tumble around a public building which also sees Brett Cullen as Thomas Wayne exiting. The new “Joker” film opens October 4th 2019.