Shazam Arriving Earlier Than Planned?

Though Dwayne Johnson was already attached as the villain Black Adam, and a script has been worked on for some time, the 2019 release date of the film adaptation of the DC Comics title “Shazam” seemed too far off when it was announced last year.

The comics follow a teenager who can transform into a superhero when he utters the phrase ‘Shazam’. Speaking with MTV at the Oscars on Sunday night, Johnson says we might see a “Mission: Impossible 5” style scenario with the film’s release date being moved up a considerable amount:

“It may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted. The script is coming in, it’s great, the support from the studio has been great. It’s just a great opportunity, especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy who starts off as a bad guy, turns into an anti-hero, we can make him vicious, a little bit of winking charm.”

Darren Lemke is working on said script at present, and one issue that remains is the casting of the hero himself which Johnson confirms has not taken place yet.