Shawn Levy To Flash Big Crowds

A few days after David Goyer officially announced that he’s left the director’s chair of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The Flash,” its been revealed that Shawn Levy will take his place.

The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Levy, who directed this holiday season’s biggest box-office success – “Night at the Museum,” will direct and likely produce the film and will presently oversee the writing of a new draft of the script.

Levy is a surprise choice for the project. On the one hand his assorted film such as ‘Museum’, “The Pink Panther” remake, “Big Fat Liar,” “Just Married,” and the first “Cheaper by the Dozen,” were all financial success stories and big hits with family audiences.

The aim of Warners is to understandably create a more light hearted and accessible superhero franchise after the solid but only modest returns for its costly relaunches of the “Superman” and “Batman” franchises in recent years.

On the other hand Levy’s films have often been critically slammed and certainly far more kiddie-oriented than “The Flash” would warrant.

Indeed comic book fans, notable for their outspoken views on filmmakers, will likely find the selection of Levy appalling despite his plans to use elements of Goyer’s script in the development process.