Shang-Chi To Appear In Netflix’s “Iron Fist”?

The recent casting of Finn Jones as the titular martial arts hero in Marvel and Netflix’s “Iron Fist” series has drawn some ire across various comment boards in its wake. The complaints weren’t lobbied so much at the actor but rather the choice of those involved to cast a white actor in the role rather than an Asian actor.

Now though, it sounds like the series will be getting a prominent Asian character after all with MCU Exchange and That Hashtag Show saying that the famed Marvel character of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu will get a prominent role in the series.

The report claims the popular yet second tier character, who has teamed with the likes of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Avengers over the years, will be introduced at some point during the run of the season. Both companies are said to be “exclusively auditioning males of Asian descent” for the role.

The character also played a big role in the Daredevil “Shadowland” arc, the storyline that has been speculated to serve as the source material for Marvel and Netflix’s proposed “The Defenders” mini-series.