Shane West Could Be Bane In “Gotham”

Shane West Could Be Bane In Gotham

Shane West (“Nikita,” “ER”) has scored a key villainous recurring role in the upcoming fifth and final season of FOX’s “Gotham”.

West will play Eduardo Dorrance, an old Army buddy of Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) who lost touch with Jim after the war. Dorrance returns to Gotham years later, leading a team of elite soldiers with the goal of helping Gordon restore order to the No Man’s Land Gotham has become in the wake of the fourth season finale.

Soon, Gordon realizes Dorrance’s true intentions are much darker than he could have believed. It’s being suggested West could very well end up playing Bane, a villain that is expected to be introduced in this season. In the comics, Bane’s father is Sir Edmund Dorrance (aka King Snake).

“Gotham” has shown the fathers of villains like Black Mask and The Scarecrow before, but as the show heads into its home stretch it isn’t holding back on introducing bad guys at this point with Bane being one of the few yet to rate a mention. The Ventriloquist/Scarface, Lady Shiva, Mother & Orphan are also expected to show up in the thirteen episode run.

Source: Deadline