Shane Black’s New “Predator” Is Called… “Ollie”?

Shane Black’s upcoming “Predator” sequel, which also serves as a minor reboot of the property, has kept its specifics close to its chest. Black has been happy to talk about the tone and the much larger scale of the film, but things such as the storyline and cast remain a big question mark.

Even the title, which has previously been suggested as being “The Predator,” is not confirmed. Today, has learned that the working title for the film is “Ollie” and there’s currently no prevalent theory as to what the hell it refers to.

Black has previously indicated that the film is set in the present day and is expected to effectively ignore everything in the franchise bar the first (and possibly second) film. Shooting is expected to get underway soon in Vancouver from a script Black and Fred Dekker penned, with a February 9th 2018 release date being targeted.