Shane Black Talks “Doc Savage” Film

As already revealed, “Iron Man 3” co-writer/director Shane Black is following up the Marvel superhero property with an adaptation of another comic hero – 1930s pulp adventure icon Doc Savage.

Appearing at the Saturn Awards this week, Black confirmed to Collider that the Sony-produced film will retain the 1930s setting of the stories. He also spoke about his love for the property:

“we’re shooting it as though it’s in the 30s, including all the Capra-esque elements of 1930s films like You Can’t Take It With You. The idea of ‘What if Jimmy Stewart were a stone-cold killer?’ basically. it’s that kind of combination which we enjoy.

Doc Savage is a personal film to me. it’s a 1930s pulp character so it hasn’t been around for 75 years or so, but people if they’re introduced to it they’ll get to know, hopefully, what I came to love as a kid. I’ve read those series for 43 years and always wanted to figure out how to crack it.”