Shane Black Open To Direct “Supergirl,” “Flash”

Shane Black Open To Direct Supergirl Flash

He’s a beloved cult filmmaker famous for his snappy dialogue (often risque) in robust action thrillers like “Lethal Weapon” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” but in an interview this past weekend with Collider he revealed an unexpected potential future side project.

Doing press for “The Predator” at Comic Con, Black was asked if he would ever be interested in directing television. His answer was interesting and not necessarily what you would think:

“You wouldn’t want to take a show that already has a style. Like Homeland is so great, I love Homeland, but you probably want to take something more like Supergirl. And just do one episode that’s just like, ‘What the…what?’ Actually, one weekend I put it on and for some reason, over the next two weeks, I watched the first two seasons of Supergirl. And actually thought, ‘You know this is a pretty entertaining show.’ And The Flash, same thing.”

If he did, he wouldn’t be the first noted film director to try their hand at directing CW shows as Kevin Smith has directed three episodes each of “The Flash” and “Supergirl” in recent years, and Lexi Alexander has helmed a “Supergirl” episode as well.