Shane Black On Marvel & Mandarin Backlash

Appearing on The Nerdist Writer’s Panel Podcast this week to promote “The Nice Guys” in cinemas, filmmaker Shane Black spoke about his time writing and directing “Iron Man 3” and seemed borderline traumatised by the outcry from hardcore fans angered by what he and Marvel did to Mandarin.

Black spoke about Internet meme reactions, including where he’s being anally raped by The Mandarin, and also revealed he wasn’t a fan of the Marvel One Shot short “Hail to the King” which effectively retconned the daring move:

“Marvel made an entire movie to apologize for it. They made this thing called ‘Hail To The King’ where they said, ‘sorry, sorry, it’s not really him! I swear, there is a real Mandarin!’ They went into retreat mode. I’m not disavowing [the short], but I don’t think it would exist if there hadn’t been fan blowback.”

Would he go back and do another Marvel film?

“I’m such a huge fan of [what they do]. I’d be happy to go back under the right circumstances. I would very much be open to the possibilities of Marvel.”

He also adds that he doesn’t think Robert Downey Jr. or the Iron Man character needs to be retired any time soon as there’s “an infinite variety that Tony Stark can do as long as you don’t ever let him conquer the demons”.