Shane Black Briefly Talks “Doc Savage”

With “The Nice Guys” set for release in two weeks, filmmaker Shane Black has been out doing the interview rounds and has touched upon some of his upcoming work which includes the next “Predator” film and the long-in-development “Doc Savage” movie.

his quotes about “Predator” mirror the same things he said last month – that it’s a contemporary setting and it’s an event movie on a much bigger scale. In regards to ‘Savage’ though he discussed with Hitfix his plans to stay true to the character’s original 1930s pulp origins:

“It’s up to me to keep it the way it was against a tide of people who say, ‘We don’t know who Doc Savage is, but could you cast some hot young guy in it, like Robert Pattinson?’ He’s not Doc Savage. ‘Can you update it? Can he fight Al-Qaeda?’ No, that’s not what Doc Savage is.

This means likely a period setting, one in which the world is still seen as far less explored so this all-round hero who was a surgeon, scientist, inventor, explorer and martial artist can work as intended:

It’s all about ingenuity and cleverness and thought. It wasn’t based on satellite tracking and this infinitude of gadgets. You have to find the clever, old-school ways that Doc gets out of traps. Back then you could still look around, and the world was full of uncharted places like Mato Grosso, or the top of Everest where you can still find a yeti. Today, if there’s a yeti we would have found him.”

Black indicates he’d like to start on the film next year, possibly with Dwayne Johnson in the lead.