Shaft That Reboot Says “Shaft” Writer

David Walker is not happy with news about the upcoming second reboot of “Shaft”.

Walker is the writer of Dynamite Entertainment’s “Shaft” comic series and the recent novel “Shaft’s Revenge,” the first official and authorized “Shaft” novel in court decades.

Today he posted an open letter on his website objected to reports from earlier this week which indicated New Line is developing a reboot of the blaxploitation hero with Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow penning the script.

Specifically he’s not happy that the new version is said to take the franchise in a more comedic direction, saying that the studio is “more interested in sh–ting the bed, than making a good Shaft movie” and that the film will be a flop that will “ruin the chances of there ever being a decent Shaft movie in the remainder of my lifetime.”

Walker says a comedic “Shaft” will essentially just be akin to the likes of “Black Dynamite” or “Undercover Brother,” and the current social climate in America has created a need for a non-comedic black action lead. He makes a good point in that this was demonstrated by the recent “The Equaliser” reboot making over $190 million globally:

“Not since Ernest Tidyman created John Shaft back in 1970 has there been more of a need for someone just like him. And yet your solution is to take the most iconic hero in the history of black popular culture – something that is missing from the cinematic landscape right now – and turn him into some kind of comedic figure. Because God knows that what black people – as well as the rest of America 0 needs right now is ANOTHER black man cracking jokes to distract us from all that ails us. We can leave the super heroics to the white guys, but the black hero can only be heroic if he is wrapped in a comedic package.”

Walker’s full letter can be read here.

Source: Heat Vision