Seyfried Goes Full Frontal In “Lovelace”?

While the guys of “Magic Mike” are going to disappoint by not showing penis, one person who isn’t afraid to bare all is “Mamma Mia!” actress Amanda Seyfried.

Producer Patrick Muldoon tells E! Online that the actress will be stripping off for full-frontal nude scenes in “Lovelace”, one of two upcoming biopics about “Deep Throat” star turned anti-porn activist Linda Lovelace.

“It’s very risque and there will be lots of nakedness in the movie, especially for Seyfried. It’s a new thing for her. She’s doing such an amazing job. We’re about two weeks into filming, and the movie’s going to be incredible… Yes, there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s a message movie about respecting women” says Muldoon.