Sex Tape Failure Blamed On The Title?

With an underwhelming $15 million opening at the U.S. box-office this weekend, fingers are already being pointed regarding who is to blame for public apathy towards the new Cameron Diaz/Jason Segel R-rated comedy “Sex Tape”.

Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer is putting the blame on the film’s title, telling THR: “We made a sweet, funny romantic comedy with stars that we love, but the title is a little confusing to some folks. There’s definitely a sweetness to it, and we hope we end up being around for a long while. We also have a strong opportunity overseas.”

Bruer oddly doesn’t attribute the failure to the U.S. domestic box-office slump of late, the film’s dismal critical reviews or the poor C+ CinemaScore which indicates audience didn’t think much of the movie either. The film is faring slightly better overseas though.