Sex Is 5 Seconds In Vietnam’s Cinemas

Vietnam’s cultural authorities are reportedly considering an idea that would see cinematic releases restrict their sex scenes to run about as long as an ineffectual college freshman – around about five seconds.

Ngo Phuong Lan, the head of Vietnam’s national movie bureau, announced the proposal at a meeting in Hanoi on Friday. Draft guidelines have Vietnamese movies limiting sex scenes to five seconds in length, with no more than three such scenes per film.

What constitutes sex on screen – whether it be simple making out to full on simulated penetration – isn’t clear. Vietnam cinema has a tradition of strong sexual censorship though, with this year’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” scoring a cinematic release despite all the sex (and about 20 minutes of the runtime) being excised.

Vietnamese filmmakers are understandably upset, and the rule has been criticised for only mentioning female nudity in its language – not indicating whether male nudity will be permitted or was even considered.

Vietnam does NOT have category for adults only (ie. 18 years or older) in its ratings system. This proposal is part of a revised ratings system that is expected to go into effect next year.

Source: THR