Sex and the City of the Dolls

The release of the new “Sex and the City 2” poster has raised some interesting questions, namely what the Photoshop budget is on this particular piece of marketing.

From what looks like Kim Cattrall’s face having been lifted and placed on the body of a woman twenty years younger, Sarah Jessica Parker getting some facial adjustments, and Kristin Davis scoring a slightly perkier bosom.

That’s just the overactive airbrushing, lets not get started on the color adjustments which makes them appear to be department store mannequins (an irony in Cattrall’s case considering her 80’s resume).

Yes Parker’s dress looks great, but the one-sheet has come under a surprising amount of fire in the press for taking its good-looking and well-known cast and rendering them almost unrecognisable.

Here’s the art causing contention. This is taken from a hi-res JPG file issued by Warner Bros. Pictures. It has been cropped for inclusion this page, otherwise it hasn’t been altered in any way. Judge for yourself:

Meanwhile DNA India reports that the four cast members could face a fine of a whopping £1.6 million if they reveal the film’s plot before its release later this month.

Star and producer Parker “said the film would fail at the box office if the public got a whiff of the plot” according to the report.