Several Updates On “Arrow” & “The Flash”

Last season saw flashback scenes in which Moira Queen paid off one of Oliver’s flings to disappear with her and Oliver’s child (which he didn’t know about). This has raised the question, is Oliver’s son on the show going to be his estranged son Connor Hawke from the comics?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says: “We’ve put it out there and we’ve got some cool ideas about where to go with it, should we do it, but we haven’t committed to actually doing it or even when to do it.”

The fifth episode of the upcoming season, originally titled “Oracle,” has been renamed “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” and will still see the introduction of Felicity’s mother (Charlotte Ross).

Finally, Matt Ward (“TRON: Legacy”) has joined the new season as Simon Lacroix, aka. Komodo. A skilled archer and deadly mercenary who is the ‘villain of the week’ for the show’s second episode. That said, Team Arrow’s pursuit of him is “part and parcel of a season-long storyline” according to Guggenheim.

The Flash
Numerous casting additions have taken place for various upcoming villains starting with Greg Finley (“Star-Crossed”) who has been cast as Tony Woodward, aka. Girder in the upcoming sixth and seventh episode of the first season.

In the comics he was a steel worker who bullied Barry while they were at school together. Thrown into a a vat of molten steel contaminated by S.T.A.R. Labs materials, he becomes a being able to change into a creature of solid meta.


Meanwhile Grant Gustin has talked with THR about the ending of the pilot which sees one of the characters looking at the front page of a newspaper from a decade into the future. Gustin says the scene suggest a popular storyline from the comics look to be coming to the screen:

“What the coolest thing about that moment, to me, is they’re setting up the fact that the Flashpoint story line [from the comics] could potentially happen – that Speed Force could be an aspect and time travel is potentially a part of the show.”


To cap off the double DC CW hero show news, check out these super pieces of promo art for the new seasons of both shows.

Sources: EW & TV Line