Several New Dark Knight Clips

Web games and scavenger hunts are cute, but the viral marketing for “The Dark Knight” has now taken an interesting new turn.

Starting today, Comcast On Demand is airing an eight-minute viral video “Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel”, a kind of cable news debate between four characters about Batman and the election campaign of Harvey Dent.

What’s interesting is that at least two of the characters are notable supporting roles from the actual movie – cable news host Mike Engel

(played by Anthony Michael Hall) and Dent’s rival in the D.A. election Roger Garcetti.

A crappy quality version

was briefly on YouTube overnight before Warners took it down, but it’ll likely go online at when it goes up again. In the meantime a crappy quality version of an ‘alternate trailer’ and a fourth TV spot have gone online, those are available below.

Also today comes word from Hollywood Elsewhere of the film’s final runtime – 152 minutes. This makes it a touch longer than “Batman Begins” which clocked in at 140 minutes, and this Summer’s longest blockbuster to date – “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” which also came in at 140 minutes.