Several More Zombie Victims For “Origins”

Jesse Corti, Joe Pilato, Alona Tal and Cornell Womack have joined the voice cast of Zebediah de Soto’s 3D computer animated zombie feature “Night of the Living Dead: Origins” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Pilato is voicing Harry Cooper, a blue-collar worker who lives for his injured daughter, and Tal voices his wife, Helen, who blames her husband for all the ills of the world. Corti plays a news reporter, while Womack is a no-nonsense NYC cop.

They join Mos Def, Bill Moseley who reprises the Wall Street-type executive role he portrayed in a 1990 live-action remake, and Danielle Harris plays a woman who held her family together forced to come to grips with its absence.

The story again follows a group of humans trying to stay alive during a zombie attack. Thanks to the CGI technology, director de Soto says he plans to avoid the ‘enclosed environment’ settings of most undead films and keep things on an epic scale.

Simon West and Jib Polhemus are producing.