“Seven Seconds” Cancelled, “Taken” As Well?

Just over a month after premiering, Netflix has cancelled its anthological drama “Seven Seconds” which starred Regina King and hailed from the U.S. “The Killing” remake producer Veena Sud.

The story explored race in America through a story involving the hit-and-run of an African-American teenager by a white Jersey City cop (Beau Knapp) and the crime’s subsequent cover-up by the mostly white police force.

Reviews from critics were mixed, but by its anthology nature the first season is a complete stand-alone story and so its ending doesn’t leave plot threads dangling. Netflix intends to submit the program as a limited series drama for Emmy consideration.

This marks one of the few ‘one and done’ shows from Netflix following “Girlboss,” “Gypsy,” “The Getdown” and “Everything Sucks”.

The news is also not good for NBC’s TV series adaptation of the “Taken” franchise. NBC has yanked the series, currently in its second season, from its Friday night slot. Though not officially said, they have effectively cancelled the show which starred Clive Standen and Jennifer Beals.

The series did decent numbers in its first season, but dropped to a 0.4 rating and 3 million viewers per episode in its sophomore run. The remaining episodes will be burned off on Saturdays from May 26th.

Source: THR