Set Pics Show DC CW Crossover Costume Swap

Set Pics Show Dc Cw Crossover Costume Swap

New photos are popping up from the filming of The CW’s annual DC Crossover episodes for this year, the new shots showcasing a hero costume swap with Grant Gustin strapping on the Green Arrow getup while Stephen Amell is decked out in a skin-tight Flash costume.

Titled ‘Elseworlds’, the three crossover episodes not only sees some superhero identity switching but introduces Batwoman (Ruby Rose), sees the return of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), and introduces Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). One person that won’t be introduced however is Batman, and Amell has used Twitter this weekend to shoot down a recent rumor that “Supernatural” star Jensen Ackles was visiting the set to play the role.

The Elseworlds ‘Arrowverse’ crossover begins Sunday, December 9th with “The Flash,” continues Monday, December 10th on “Arrow” and concludes with “Supergirl” on Tuesday the 11th.