Set Photo: Shane West As Bane In “Gotham”

Set Photo Shane West As Bane In Gotham

“Gotham” ends with its upcoming fifth season in early 2019 and finally delivers one of the show’s key villains who has been absent to date – Bane. Shane West takes on the role.

In this take, he’s an old army buddy of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) who ends up becoming the ‘venom’ reliant super strong adversary. Now some set photos have gone up showcasing West filming his role complete in Bane costume and the look is quite different to the Mexican wrestler appearance of the comics, the green gym bunny in a gimp mask in “Batman and Robin,” or Tom Hardy’s masked ex-military terrorist look from “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Instead, we have something more akin to Darth Vader sans helmet or Joseph Gordon-Levitt in “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra”. West is set to recur throughout the ten episodes remaining with the comic storylines ‘No Man’s Land’ and ‘Zero Year’ playing into the story. Other villains set to debut this season include The Ventriloquist, Mother and Orphan, and Lady Shiva.