Serkis Signs For At Least One “Apes” Sequel

20th Century Fox has signed on Andy Serkis to reprise his mo-cap role of the lead ape Caesar in at least one sequel to this Summer’s sci-fi hit “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” says Deadline.

Serkis had only signed on for one movie and the deal reportedly ensures he’ll be back for multiple future installments. Both director Rupert Wyatt and screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver’s original deal had sequel options which have been picked up.

Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark will produce but things are still in very early stages and it’s unsure if other cast members will be back. The studio also intends to wage an Oscar campaign for Serkis’ work in ‘Apes’. Serkis has also delivered an acclaimed mo-cap performance in “The Adventures of Tintin” opening at Xmas in the United States.