Serkis: Hardy Is ‘Very Involved’ In “Venom 2” Writing

With Andy Serkis having been officially set to direct the “Venom” sequel this week, pre-production will go into full swing soon with Tom Hardy once again reprising the lead role of Eddie Brock.

Whilst speaking about the project since his hire, Serkis tells Slashfilm that Hardy is more involved than you might think and is already working hard in other areas of the film’s early production stages.

Serkis says: “Tom is very involved with the writing with Kelly Marcel of the new story, so it’s very much centered around their take.” Serkis adds that he has some “very clear ideas” about the journey he wants to see Hardy’s character take in the sequel, and “how we can take the characters into another dimension”. He also can’t wait to get to work with Hardy:

“We’ve always wanted to work together directly. I’m deeply excited to work with Tom Hardy and to work with all the great actors who are involved in it. It’s a fantastic franchise. I’m really honored to have been asked to direct it and it feels like it’s a very contemporary story. I think it’s going to be hopefully an extraordinary piece of cinema.”

Serkis is known for his motion-capture work, and this will mark his third film in recent years following “Breathe” and “Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle”. “Venom 2” is currently slated for an October 2nd 2020 release.