Sergio Leone’s “Colt” Becomes A Mini-Series

The Leone Film Group has begun developing an English-language TV series titled “Colt,” based on an idea developed by the late and great iconic spaghetti western filmmaker Sergio Leone.

The concept centers around the six-shooter gun packed by Clint Eastwood in “For a Fistful of Dollars.” In 1987 Sergio Leone hooked up with his old writing partners Sergio Donati and Fulvio Morsella to work on an idea for a TV series about a Colt revolver that passes from owner to owner throughout the Old West.

Leone was said to be interested in a more naturalistic take on the Spaghetti Western genre than his earlier works, hoping to show the Old West “like it really was.” Donati wrote a treatment draft, but then the project was abandoned.

Italian director Stefano Sollima (Sky’s “Gomorra”) will direct the first two episodes and act as showrunner along with writing the screenplay alongside Luca Infascelli and Massimo Gaudioso.

Raffaella Leone, Sergio’s daughter and now the Leone Film Group runner, says the series will be almost like a prequel to the 1939 classic western ‘Jessie James’:

“It’s from my father’s idea in which the gun was the main character and the device through which the tale is told… We are thinking of six episodes, each one connected to a single gun shot. But we could do more.

The idea is a story about how a bunch of kids become outlaws in the Old West. It starts out when they are adolescents and traces their becoming bandits within the arc of the six episodes.”

Leone group has also inked a three-project deal with Italian director Gabriele Muccino (“Seven Pounds”).

Source: Variety