Sequels: Potter, Kombat, X-Files, 28

Lots of talk about potential sequels in the last 48 hours. Some sounds enticing, some far too hopeful, and others just plain ridiculous.

First up, “Harry Potter”. Along with some pretty spectacular cover art for the three versions of the seventh book, the back blurb indicates the novel has Harry mostly out on his quest to destroy the remaining Horcruxes.

In other good news it seems all the talk of an “X-Files sequel may be panning out at last. David Duchovny told The IESB this week that “they were in final negotiations for the second X-Files film and should wrap this week. Plans are to start shooting next year or sooner.”

Somewhat optimistic director Danny Boyle is already eyeing a second “28 Days Later” sequel in which the zombies would attack France reports Moviehole. Hmmm, lets see how ‘Weeks’ goes first.

As for the crazy news? Seems there’s talk of a “Batman Begins”/”Casino Royale” style relaunch of the “Mortal Kombat” film franchise. Where’s this talk come from? Some guy named ‘mink’ on The IMDb.