Sequel Planned For Cult Shocker “Society”

Even by today’s gore-soaked standards, Brian Yuzna’s 1989 cult body horror satirical classic “Society” is extreme.

Former “Baywatch” star Billy Warlock plays a popular Beverly Hills high school student who feels that he doesn’t fit in with his family or their high-society friends.

An audio tape of his family participating in what sounds like a murderous and incestuous orgy sets off events, but the film is really all about the final 20-30 minutes.

Turns out the one-percenters are a different species. Their orgies involve them bringing their bodies together literally into one liquidy giant pile of writhing flesh, absorbing and eating innocent people at massive flesh parties. Cue some of the most elaborate (and disturbing) make-up effects ever put to screen.

Speaking with the Horror Channel recently, Yuzna says that a sequel entitled “Society 2: Body Modification” is on the way and he is “actively working on it”. This version swaps high society for the VIP scene at Hollywood clubs:

“It would take place in these super-exclusive late-night clubs they have in Hollywood. Once you get in there’s always a VIP room, or a VVIP room that’s always off limits.”

Getting it made though is tricky, mostly because the genre itself seems to be playing it safe:

“It is all about the financing… Problem is, as always, financing. The business has changed considerably due to the digital revolution. There just aren’t many Trimarks out there any more.

Horror has become so mainstream that it seems to have mostly lost that transgressive creativity that used to make it so exhilarating… I think that we are at the end of a cycle and that a new kind of horror will grow out of the new production and distribution digital technologies.”