Sequel News: Trek, GI Joe, Dumb, Rounders

Star Trek 2
J.J. Abrams says the “Star Trek” sequel could be delayed if he feels the film isn’t ready – “I care much more about it being good than it be ready… we’re doing everything we can to make sure schedules don’t get screwed up. I don’t think anyone wants a movie on time that’s not worth your time”.

He also confirms that he isn’t yet considering 3D for the film. [Source: Cinema Blend]

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes
Dwayne Johnson is in discussions with Paramount Pictures to join the Jon M. Chu-directed 3D sequel “G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes”.

Johnson’s role is a character named Roadblock, likely joining returning co-star Channing Tatum. [Source: Deadline]

Dumb and Dumber 3
Jim Carrey says he’s looking into revisiting some characters from his back catalogue.

“We’re talking about maybe returning to some old characters that everyone has been asking about. There’s Bruce Almighty and we’re talking about maybe another Dumb & Dumber.” [Source: Monsters and Critics]

Rounders 2
Harvey Weinstein says that the success on DVD and TV of the 1998 Matt Damon and Ed Norton conmen flick “Rounders” has given him the energy to push ahead with a sequel.

“I never make sequels but it’s something I’d like to revisit” he tells the trade. [Source: Variety]