“Sense8” Season 2 Launch Trailer

After nearly a two-year break since the end of the first season, and several months on since the Christmas special, the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski’s sci-fi drama “Sense8” returns tomorrow with ten more episodes on Netflix.

To celebrate the release, a new ‘launch trailer’ has been released for the new episodes. The threat of Mr. Whispers is definitely a focus here, as is the way the eight psychically linked characters seem to be in more troubled circumstances.

The most fun element though is that the season promises to introduce other Sense8’s, seen on fully display in the final part of the trailer as an all out fight takes place between the group we know and another one in a fancy restaurant.

“Sense8” hits streaming giant Netflix on Friday at 12:01am US-PT, 3:01am US-ET, 8:01am UK-GMT & 5:01pm AUS-EST.