“Sense8” Season 2 Full Trailer

Critics were a bit mixed when it came out, but the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski’s “Sense8” soon found a both a devoted an even a critical re-evaluation in the nearly two years it has been since the first season debuted.

The sci-fi drama boasted an intriguing premise, lush production values, fun cast, endearing message and every other episode would show you something never seen on TV before from pansexual psychic orgies to a symphony-backed sequence showing graphic live births. On the other hand it was text book Wachowskis – earnest to a fault, tonally all over the place, cheesy, energetic and sometimes meandering.

After a brief return in a Christmas special late last year, Capheus, Kala, Lito, Nomi, Riley, Sun, Will and Wolfgang are now all back in the full second season of “Sense8” which hits the service on May 5th and today the streaming giant has released the full trailer for ten new episodes.

Earlier this year Brandwatch did a two month survey of the most anticipated new seasons of returning shows on Netflix in 2017 and “Sense8” won by a country mile, “Stranger Things” season two and “House Of Cards” season five were very strong runners-up, and everything else was notably far behind.