SEGA Plans Live-Action Films & Series

Former Break Media executive Evan Cholfin is has been slated to head up development and production at Tokyo-based Stories International, a joint venture of Japanese gamemaker SEGA and Hakuhodo DY Group.

The plan is to produce films, TV shows and entertainment for digital platforms based on the vast library of SEGA game titles that Stories has the rights to adapt.

Currently in the works are screen adaptations of “Altered Beast,” “Streets of Rage,” “Shinobi,” “Crazy Taxi” and “Rise of Nightmares” which will be turned into English-language live action and animated spinoffs. Also on the way are adaptations of classic titles “Virtua Fighter” and “Golden Axe”.

SEGA is just the latest games house aiming to retain creative control over how its games are adapted for other platforms. Electronic Arts developed the recent “Need for Speed” through its own film division. Ubisoft is developing numerous films in-house based on their franchises such as “Assassin’s Creed” and “Splinter Cell”.

Source: Variety