See “Paranormal Activity 3” Early

Two weeks ago Paramount Pictures launched a “Tweet To See It First” campaign related to this week’s supernatural horror release “Paranormal Activity 3”.

Fans were asked to send out tweets on Twitter and the top 20 cities with the most tweets would be selected for a free preview screening tomorrow night (October 18th). Well those cities have been announced:

1. Houston, TX
2. Vancouver, Canada
3. Phoenix, AZ
4. San Antonio, TX
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Fresno, CA
7. Panama City, Panama
8. Los Angeles, CA
9. New York, NY
10. Mexico City, Mexico
11. Orlando, FL
12. Dallas, TX
13. Toronto, Canada
14. Tel Aviv, Israel
15. Chicago, IL
16. Sao Paulo, Brazil
17. Austin, TX
18. Miami, FL
19. London, UK
20. Sheffield, UK

To RSVP for your city, head to