Bruno Red-Band Trailer Released

Universal Pictures has released an international Red Band trailer for Sacha Baron Cohen's highly-anticipated new film "Bruno" over on MySpace.Cohen plays gay Austrian supermodel Bruno, who comes to the big screen with similar hijinks and celebrity interviews as seen...

2009 Superbowl Film Spots *Updated*

Almost all the major movie commercials to air during the Superbowl have gone online, here's all the current ones included below.Without a doubt the clear winner is "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen". It's the first time in a...

Solace, Bedtime TV Spots

A couple of key new TV spots have been released in the last day or so including a 60-second spot for James Bond feature "Quantum of Solace" with a good portion of new footage, along with the first TV...

Several New Dark Knight Clips

Web games and scavenger hunts are cute, but the viral marketing for "The Dark Knight" has now taken an interesting new turn.Starting today, Comcast On Demand is airing an eight-minute viral video "Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel", a kind...

Three Interesting New Hulk Clips

Poor Universal Pictures. Whilst a lot of the other studios have seen their Summer action movies buzzed about for months now, it has been stuck with the runts of the litter - "The Incredible Hulk" and "Wanted". Despite several...

Nazis In Space For Iron Sky

Blind Spot Pictures and 27 Films Productions are teaming to produce the 'Nazis in space' dark sci-fi comedy "Iron Sky" says The Hollywood Reporter.The film sets up the premise that in 1945 a Nazi regiment took off in rockets...

The Dark Knight Trailer Hunt

This evening's worldwide scavenger hunt for "The Dark Knight" many hoped would yield the payoff of the new trailer. Well it kind of did.In an admittedly clever trick, postings at TDK-UMB indicate those who turned up at the...

Wild Things & Smurf Sneak Peeks

Two bits of unexpected footage hit the web over the weekend and not surprisingly the studios seem to be in a race to shut them down wherever they pop up so check 'em out as quick as you can.First...

New Dark Knight Trailer, Posters

As "I Am Legend" hits theatres today, the publicity train for Batman Begins sequel "The Dark Knight" finally moves from clever but ultimately trivial online games and into actual cinema theatre promotions.Whilst those of us not near an IMAX...

Indiana Jones Comic Con Clip

Both G4TV and the official site for the next "Indiana Jones" flick has posted up the Comic-Con panel satellite video presentation that took place on Thursday with the main cast members.Click below to watch a streaming copy of the...

Check Out The Dead Silence Trailer

Leigh Whannell and James Wan, the duo who created the "Saw" film series are now exploring another facet of horror... ventriloquist dummies. On March 23rd their new film "Dead Silence" hits theatres, but be sure to...

Let The Sunshine Trailer In

Several years ago director Danny Boyle and scribe Alex Garland teamed to create the British zombie actioneer "28 Days Later" and a great cult hit was born.Now they've teamed again for a spaceship-set sci-fi thriller called "Sunshine" about a...

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