Review: “White Noise”

As effectively chilly as it is silly, "White Noise" is far from what you would call a smart or compelling thriller. Still, the whole point of these movies is to get you to jump in your seat a couple...

Review: “Impostor”

Originally to be one of three short films that composed the abandoned "Alien Love Triangle" project, "Impostor" was redone and reshot to add an extra hour or so of footage - and it shows. Coming off as a...

Review: “The Powerpuff Girls Movie”

The popular Cartoon Network show makes its debut at the cinema in fine form. Having never seen the show I was worried I'd be completely lost, however the creators have taken the smart choice of doing an origin...

Review: “Life or Something Like It”

'Life' proves pretty much what you'd expect. Despite a polished look and an amiable cast, the rather old-fashioned story can't help dragging up old cliches and unsurprising subplots along the way. What keeps this baby afloat is...

Review: “Murder by Numbers”

A surprisingly enjoyable if somewhat derivative and 'by the numbers' so to speak serial killer thriller, "Murder By Numbers" has enough good elements about it to keep it from being boring but still treads very familiar and well-worn ground....

Review: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

Great fun even if the appeal is somewhat more directed than usual, 'Wedding' is a mid-year delight that'll get a few (if not more) good chortles out of you thanks to its simple light-hearted story combined with an...

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