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Telltale Seeks Partners To Finish Walking Dead

Telltale Seeks Partners To Finish “Walking Dead”

Telltale Games has released an official statement saying that they are in talks with potential partners to wrap up and release the final two episodes of their "The Walking Dead: The Final Season" episodic narrative game. The title will release...
Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Launch Trailer

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” Launch Trailer

Between the release of "Spider-Man" and "Red Dead Redemption 2" this Fall, the annual military multi-player shooter franchises seem like an afterthought this year - including the former juggernaut and still pretty big "Call of Duty" franchise. Today, Activision and...
Red Dead Includes Equine Scrotal Physics

“Red Dead” Includes Equine Scrotal Physics

In the creation of the world of "Red Dead Redemption 2," the developers at Rockstar Games paid incredibly close attention to every detail including the physics of the game. Sunlight, wind, flora and fauna all react and display...
Death Stranding Gets A New Tgs Trailer

“Death Stranding” Gets A New TGS Trailer

Kojima Productions has premiered a new trailer, released new character art and confirmed more casting on its upcoming PS4 exclusive "Death Stranding" at this week's Tokyo Game Show. As usual with this game, the preview only raises questions - doesn't...
Walking Dead Stranger Things Games Axed

“Walking Dead,” “Stranger Things” Games Axed

Following on from yesterday's news about the majority studio closure of Telltale Games and the firing of much of its staff, it has been confirmed that all the company's upcoming projects have been scrapped including the planned "Stranger Things"...
Telltale Games Goes Into Majority Closure

Telltale Games Goes Into Majority Closure

The past decade has seen Telltale Games undergo a renaissance with their episodic game series based on properties "The Walking Dead," "Batman," "Fables," "Game of Thrones" and more. That is coming to an end though with Kotaku receiving a statement...
Netflix Hellboy Scribe Plan Diablo Series

Netflix & “Hellboy” Scribe Plans “Diablo” Series?

"Hellboy" writer and Boom! Studios founder Andrew Cosby has confirmed that he's penning a new Netflix animated TV series based on Blizzard Entertainment's video game franchise "Diablo". Bloody Disgusting has posted a screen capture of a tweet that Cosby...
Spider Man Becomes Ps4s Fastest Selling Original

“Spider-Man” Is PS4’s Fastest Selling Original

In an age where more and more existing franchise are taking either a multiplayer-centric or full online-only 'games as service' approach, it's heartening that a pure single-player only game is breaking records. Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4 exclusive "Marvel's Spider-Man" has...
Resident Evil 2 Remake Story Trailer

“Resident Evil 2” Remake Story Trailer

PlayStation has premiered a story trailer for their upcoming remake of the 1998 gaming classic "Resident Evil 2". The sequel's story is set two months later as in Raccoon City, most of the citizens have been infected with...
Rockstar Announces Red Dead Online

Rockstar Announces “Red Dead Online”

Rockstar Games has announced "Red Dead Online," the online component of the upcoming "Red Dead Redemption 2" but one that's being pitched as a separate product. An evolution of the multiplayer mode of the original "Red Dead Redemption," this will...
Sony Announces Mini Playstation Classic

Sony Announces Mini PlayStation Classic

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniature games console that mirrors the look of the original PlayStation 1 and comes preloaded with 20 original games. Two hand controllers are included and will be the same as the...
Bethesda Wont Ditch Wolfenstein Single Player

Bethesda Won’t Ditch “Wolfenstein,” Single Player

"Fallout," "Doom" and "Dishonored" game franchise studio Bethesda has confirmed that it is making a third title in its successful "Wolfenstein" game series and have restated their commitment to supporting single player. The company has been hit by concerns over...
Odyssey Gets Assassins Creed Iii Remaster

“Odyssey” Gets “Assassin’s Creed III” Remaster

The DLC contained in Ubisoft's upcoming "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" Season Pass will reportedly include not just new story missions but two remastered older games in the series. Season Pass owners will get both remasters of "Assassin’s Creed III" and "Assassin’s...
Legion Producer Plans Alan Wake Tv Series

“Legion” Producer Plans “Alan Wake” TV Series

"Legion" and "Cloak and Dagger" producer Peter Calloway has signed on as showrunner and writer on a live-action TV series based on the well-reviewed cult hit 2010 video game "Alan Wake" which is set-up at Contradiction Films and Remedy...
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Launch Trailer

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” Launch Trailer

Square Enix, Eidos Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics have premiered the launch trailer for "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" which finally scores a release this Friday on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Reviews have gone up with the game's Metacritic...
Spider Man Ps4 Game Launch Trailer

“Spider-Man” PS4 Game Launch Trailer

With the game hitting stores today, Sony Playstation has released the last trailer for its PS4-exclusive "Spider-Man". This launch trailer takes a decidedly cinematic turn as Spidey plunges off the side of a building and faces off against...
Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Trailer

“Black Ops 4” Battle Royale Mode Trailer

Not to be outdone by EA & DICE releasing the Battle Royale trailer for "Battlefield V" earlier this week, Activision and Treyarch have released a new gameplay trailer for the all-new 'Blackout' Battle Royale mode in the upcoming "Call...
Spider Man Ps4 Game Draws Strong Reviews

“Spider-Man” PS4 Game Draws Strong Reviews

Reviews are out for Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4-exclusive "Spider-Man" and the verdict is very good. The game has racked up an 87/100 score on Metacritic, that's not the stellar 94/100 that "God of War" snagged back in April...
Battlefield V Trailer Unveils Firestorm Mode

“Battlefield V” Trailer Unveils ‘Firestorm’ Mode

"Battlefield V" developer DICE has revealed details of the game's talked about but so far barely revealed battle royale mode akin to that used in the likes of popular titles like "Fortnite" and "PUBG". The details come from a new...
Black Cat Debuts In Ps4s Spider Man Trailer

Black Cat Debuts In PS4’s “Spider-Man” Trailer

A first look at the design of Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, in the upcoming "Spider-Man" video game for PS4 has been revealed in the teaser trailer for said game's first of three packs of downloadable content. Insomniac Games...

“Battlefield V” Gets Delayed A Full Month

Electronic Arts has announced that the release date of its much anticipated "Battlefield V" game has been pushed back a full month from October 19th to November 20th. In a statement released by Oskar Gabrielson, General Manager of DICE, the...
Fortnite Helps Game Sales Increase By 40

“Fortnite” Helps Game Sales Increase By 40%

Consumer spending on video games in the United States is up - WAY up. Market research group NPD Group reports that game sales in the first half of 2018 rose to $19.5 billion - a 40% increase on the...
Ps4 Spider Man Game Dlc Revealed

PS4 “Spider-Man” Game DLC Revealed

Insomniac Games has revealed its post-launch content plans for the upcoming "Marvel’s Spider-Man" game which launches on September 7th. Players can experience new story missions, challenges, enemies, and new suits to unlock in three separate packs that form the game's...
Cyberpunk 2077 Extended Gameplay Clip

“Cyberpunk 2077” Extended Gameplay Clip

"The Witcher" game franchise creators CD Projekt RED have released a whopping 48-minute walkthrough demo from their highly anticipated narrative-driven, open world RPG title "Cyberpunk 2077". The story is set in the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future...
Streets Of Rage 4 Game Announced

“Streets of Rage 4” Game Announced

Game developers Lizardcube ("Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap") and Guard Crush Games ("Streets of Fury") are teaming to create "Streets of Rage 4," a sequel in the beloved side-scrolling fist fighting series which saw the previous entry released all...
Spider Man Ps4 Costumes Revealed

“Spider-Man” PS4 Costumes Revealed?

Set to hit stores late next week, Sony PlayStation and Insomniac Games' "Spider-Man" video game exclusively for PS4 kicks off a busy Fall season of game titles and is amongst the most anticipated of all the games hitting over...
Xbox Plans Cell Phone Style Subscriptions

Xbox Plans Cell Phone-Style Subscriptions?

Microsoft is reportedly working on Xbox All Access, a new monthly subscription service that bundles an Xbox console, Xbox Live and Game Pass into a single monthly charge with a two-year contract - similar to a mobile phone contract...
Gamescom 2019 Gameplay Trailers

GamesCom: 2019 Gameplay Trailers

The Division 2 Ubisoft's sequel to "Tom Clancy’s The Division 2" has begun taking pre-orders ahead of its March 15th release and those who do so will get access to the closed beta along with a Capitol Defender Pack including...
Gamescom Fall 2018 Gameplay Trailers

GamesCom: Fall 2018 Gameplay Trailers

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ubisoft has confirmed there will be no new "Assassin's Creed" game in 2019 - neither a main game or a spin-off. Instead, the company will put its focus on adding content to this year's upcoming "Assassin's...
Tornadoes Aplenty In Just Cause 4 Gameplay

Tornadoes Aplenty In “Just Cause 4” Gameplay

Avalanche Studios has premiered a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming "Just Cause 4" showcasing the tweaks to this new incarnation of the game which is set in the fictional subtropical South American country of Solís. The gameplay hasn't...

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