Joaquin Phoenix for “Gladiator”

He's dark and brooding, outgrowing the shadow of his late brother, quietly unpretentious yet a young man genuinely unaware oh his true ability as an actor. Through it all, in Ridley Scott's stunning Gladiator, he holds his own among...

Matthew McConaughey for “U-571”

Matthew McConaughey was once poised to be the Hollywood's next best thing, following an auspicious performance in A Time to Kill, but somehow he managed to take on films that were not necessarily skewed towards a mainstream audience. But...

Jon Bon Jovi for “U-571”

He's a songwriter, vocalist, and actor. He's been a top rock star for close to two decades, and now, Jon Bon Jovi is also a movie star. But through it all, he's a down to earth guy who loves...

Christian Bale for “American Psycho”

Christian Bale is one of the hottest actors around, but now this British star is destined to be even hotter with his star turn in one of the most controversial and talked about films of the year: American Psycho....

James Woods for “The Virgin Suicides”

In the midst of the Sundance Film Festival, James Woods is having a hard day. "This is tough shit", he says smilingly as we sit down in a crowded passageway to discuss Woods' latest film, The Virgin Suicides.Marking...

Gary Sinise for “Mission to Mars”

Gary Sinise is finally heading to space. In Apollo 13, the actor ended up staying behind, so perhaps, one questions, Sinise's reason for doing the new Brian de Palma sci-fi adventure, Mission to Mars. Yet, despite his double foray...

Michael Douglas for “Wonder Boys”

He's one of Hollywood's biggest players. Now, in his latest movie Wonder Boys, playing a writer facing a midlife crisis, in his own life, things are as sweet as can be. Paul Fischer met the Oscar winning actor in...

Aidan Quinn for “Songcatcher”

Aidan Quinn is more respected, than he is celebrated, an actor not a movie star. Though he has appeared in a many a Hollywood blockbuster, he shuns the spotlight and chooses to do smaller films, like his semi-autobiographical This...

Angelina Jolie for “Girl, Interrupted”

In a short space of time, Angelina Jolie has rapidly emerged as one of Hollywood's most sought after hot stars, cemented by her recent work in The Bone Collector and now in Girl,Interrupted. But for this alluring daughter of...

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