Tarantinos Trek Is Pulp Fiction In Space

Tarantino’s Trek Is “Pulp Fiction In Space”

"Star Trek" is a franchise that has always been defined by its television, where it and its spin-offs set the standard that almost every science-fiction series has had to compare themselves to for the past five decades. Cinema, on the...
Mindhunter Season 2 Photos Offer A First Look

“Mindhunter” Season 2 Photos Offer A First Look

Following a near two year absence from screens, Netflix's David Fincher-produced "Mindhunter" series will premiere its nine-episode second season on August 16th. The second season is said to pick up between 1979 and 1981 with a focus on the Atlanta...
Thrones Finale Water Gaffe Reactions

The 2019 Emmy Nominations Announced

The Television Academy today has announced the nominations for the 71st Emmy Awards which will be held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on September 22nd. Actors Ken Jeong and D’Arcy Carden were joined by Television Academy...
Analysts Concerned About 2020 Box Office

Analysts Concerned About 2020 Box-Office

If there's one thing this year has not been short on, its projections of doom and gloom at the box-office with analysts upset over the fact that 2019 so far is behind last year's record-breaking overall success. While people showed...

“The Predator” Co-Writer Talks Original Ending

"The Predator" came and went like a wet fart last year, the film was highly anticipated with a strong cast and Shane Black's hand at the helm. However the buzz took a turn a few months out from release when...
Arnold Lost Big Little Lies Creative Control

Arnold Lost “Big Little Lies” Creative Control

HBO's award-winning drama series "Big Little Lies" series has found itself the subject of controversy today over calls of network interference which goes to explain the criticisms of a disjointed and oddly edited new season. The biggest change behind-the-scenes between...
Momoas See Mandalorian Cost A Fortune

Momoa’s “See” & “Mandalorian” Cost A Fortune

You can say what you want about not watching the looming Apple TV+ and Disney+ services, but one thing you can't accuse them of being is cheap when it comes to their flagship originals which are set to be...

WarnerMedia Streaming Service Gets Its Name

WarnerMedia has officially announced the name of its soon-to-launch streaming service and it ain't WarnerMedia+. Instead, it's HBO Max and it even has a logo as you can see above. It also has been confirmed that full-season libraries of...
Dark Phoenix A Bigger Bomb Than Fantastic 4

“Dark Phoenix” A Bigger Bomb Than “Fantastic 4”?

We know Fox and Marvel's "Dark Phoenix" was a bomb for the studio, but with the film now closing up its theatrical run around the world - we have an idea of just how much it fizzled. "Dark Phoenix" played...
Mcquarrie On Rejected Superman Lantern Film

McQuarrie On Rejected Superman & Lantern Film

Not that long ago came rumors that "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" director Christopher McQuarrie was going to make a DC Comics film, one that was likely to be either a "Man of Steel" sequel or a reboot of "Green...
Netflix To Get Smarter About Content Spending

Netflix To Get Smarter About Content Spending

For a few years now it seemed as if the deep pockets of streaming services were bottomless, many of them and Netflix in particular seemed to be greenlighting shows and films left and right and happy to spend big...
Russell Crowe Talks Rejecting 100m Rings Deal

Russell Crowe Talks Rejecting $100M “Rings” Deal

The production of Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy has been exhaustively documented in the various featurettes and documentaries and commentary tracks that are a part of the home disc sets. Yet what doesn't get talked about a...
Shazam Director Video Essay Targets Criticism

“Shazam” Director Video Essay Targets Criticism

From Honest Trailers to CinemaSins, there's no shortage these days of videos dissecting and critiquing movies. While some offer genuine, thoughtful and intelligent criticism, some are just straight up nitpickers who spend their time pointing out continuity errors and...
Daisy Ridley Last Jedi Backlash Was Fair

Daisy Ridley: “Last Jedi” Backlash Was Fair

Out talking up the release of her new indie drama "Ophelia," actress Daisy Ridley has offered some new comments about the film that changed the "Star Wars" franchise forever - 2017's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Rian Johnson's follow-up to...
Booksmart Rocketman Us Top 2019 Critic Poll

“Booksmart,” “Rocketman,” “Us” Top 2019 Critic Poll

We're at the halfway point in 2019 and this past weekend some members of the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society got together and voted to determine the best films thus far, announcing the winners and runners up in...
Bond 25 Caribbean Filming Sizzle Reel

“Bond 25” Caribbean Filming Sizzle Reel

A welcome bit of good news on the "Bond 25" front today with the official site showing off a one-minute sizzle reel of B-roll footage captured during the Jamaican leg of the final Daniel Craig-led 007 adventure. The film's director...
Steven Seagal Was Considered For Batman

Steven Seagal Was Considered For “Batman”

With this past weekend marking the 30th anniversary of the release of Tim Burton's "Batman" in 1989, various people involved talked about their memories of the film - the first serious, comic book-accurate take on the Caped Crusader and...

Disney Dominating 2019 Box-Office So Far

With June coming to a close shortly, we've nearly reached the halfway point of the year and box-office is not just down overall but the market share is now much less evenly divided than before. According to Box-Office Mojo, Disney...
Experts Weigh In On The Streaming Future

Experts Weigh In On The Streaming Future

Wherever you side on the streaming vs. theatrical debate, one obvious benefit to both sides is that streaming allows for a more diverse range of voices to take their shot at filmmaking - voices that otherwise wouldn't get that...
Halle Berry Beats Pfeiffer In Catwoman Poll

Halle Berry Beats Pfeiffer In Catwoman Poll

In perhaps the craziest story of the month, a new poll of over 2,200 adults conducted by Heat Vision about the Batman franchise has surprisingly revealed that Halle Berry has beaten out (only just) Michelle Pfeiffer in a poll...
Boyle Swears Off Franchise Films After 007

Boyle Swears Off Franchise Films After 007

Following his highly publicised sudden exit from the James Bond franchise over creative differences, filmmaker Danny Boyle has sworn off ever directing another franchise film entry again. Director Danny Boyle famously departed James Bond 25 last year after creative differences...
Why Men In Black International Didnt Work

Why “Men in Black International” Didn’t Work

This past Friday saw the F. Gary Gray-directed "Men in Black International" hit cinemas. Reviews were pretty terrible from critics, audiences gave it a meh 'B' CinemaScore, and the box-office wasn't much better with an opening weekend of...
Christopher Nolan Saved Donnie Darko

How Christopher Nolan Saved “Donnie Darko”

While filmmaker Christopher Nolan is known for his own works like "Inception," "The Dark Knight" and "Interstellar," he's also been responsible for shepherding other people and their films along the way. One such person was "Southland Tales" and "The Box"...
Not Pursued X Men Spin Off Script Goes Online

Not Pursued X-Men Spin-Off Script Goes Online

Officially John Ottman is the composer and editor on numerous "X-Men" films, unofficially his involvement was often been said to be more involved than that. Recently he revealed to Heat Vision that whilst finishing up work on "X-Men: Apocalypse," his...
The Gladiator Sequel Is Still Happening

The “Gladiator” Sequel Is Still Happening?

For many years there's been talk of a possible sequel to 2000's sword-and-sandals epic "Gladiator" but none of it ever really seems to coalesce beyond the occasional hiring of a new writer to give the property a go. This week,...
E3 2019 Ubisoft Game Trailers

E3 2019: Ubisoft Game Trailers

Ubisoft has held its E3 2019 presentation and offered not just updates on some big games, but also revealed some key surprises - from Netflix acquiring "The Division" film to "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" creator Rob McElhenney spearheading...
E3 2019 Square Enix Game Trailers

E3 2019: Square Enix Game Trailers

Square Enix held its E3 2019 presentation with several major announcements and reveals, including the big "Marvel's Avengers" trailer we've already written about which is being done by "Tomb Raider" developers Crystal Dynamics. Much of the rest of the presentation...
E3 2019 Microsofts Game Trailers

E3 2019: Microsoft’s Game Trailers

Microsoft just held their E3 press conference this morning with much of the talk likely to center on the big unveiling of their next generation of console - Project Scarlett - which will hit late 2020. Amongst the big announcements...
Avengers Endgame Gets Rating First Clip

What Are The Most Acclaimed Comic Book Films?

Updated with Full Results Current As Of May 27th 2019. Comic book fans have always argued about which film adaptation of their favourite property is the best. You can argue box-office until the cows come home, the fact of the...
Ford Offers Brief Indiana Jones 5 Update

Ford: No Indiana Jones Except Me

As long as Harrison Ford is alive, don't expect him to give a reboot of the "Indiana Jones" franchise his blessing. We do know Lucasfilm and Disney are planning one more film in the saga which is targeting a July...

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