First Photo Ruby Rose As Batwoman

First Photo: Ruby Rose As Batwoman

The CW has released the first official image of Australian actress Ruby Rose as Batwoman in the upcoming CW DC crossover event for this year. The character will make her debut in the three-part event which begins filming today in...
Kids Want More Female Superheroes

Kids Want More Female Superheroes

Timed with the launch of the new season of "Doctor Who" this past weekend, BBC America and the Women's Media Center have jointly published a new study on the impact of representation in science fiction and superhero storytelling on...
Piracy On The Rise Again Due To Svod

Piracy On The Rise Again Due To SVOD

As streaming services continue to flourish with new platforms seemingly joining the marketplace every day, it is having an unexpected but not unsurprising knock-on effect - an increase in piracy. Sandvine (via Cinema Blend) has issued a report on Global...
There Wont Be A Female James Bond

There Won’t Be A Female James Bond

The James Bond franchise has always been a family business and has been ruled by executive producer Barbara Broccoli for decades now, taking over from her father Albert 'Cubby' Broccoli and fiercely protective of the brand and films. She signs...
First Photo Star Wars Series The Mandalorian

First Photo: “Star Wars” Series “The Mandalorian”

One day after the reveal of the title and synopsis, the official photo from the upcoming "Star Wars" live-action series "The Mandalorian" has been revealed along with a full list of all the directors handling the ten episode run. "Star...

Russian Bots Propagated “Last Jedi” Hate?

A new report claims that Rian Johnson's much debated "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and the backlash against it was heavily fuelled by deliberate antagonistic action from Russian trolls and their bots. Heat Vision reports that a just published academic...
Kathleen Kennedy Renews Lucasfilm Contract

Kathleen Kennedy Renews Lucasfilm Contract

Giving a big middle finger to internet trolls, Kathleen Kennedy has renewed her contract and will remain the president of Lucasfilm for another three years, taking her through 2021. Kennedy became chief of Lucasfilm in 2012 after Disney purchased the...

“Life Itself” Flop Impacts Amazon’s Film Slate

In December, Amazon beat out Paramount and Universal for domestic rights to "This Is Us" creator Dan Fogleman's new film "Life Itself" - nabbing the high-profile ensemble drama for $10 million at auction. It was expected to be...
Red Dead Includes Equine Scrotal Physics

“Red Dead” Includes Equine Scrotal Physics

In the creation of the world of "Red Dead Redemption 2," the developers at Rockstar Games paid incredibly close attention to every detail including the physics of the game. Sunlight, wind, flora and fauna all react and display...
Apples Svod Aims Not To Offend Anyone

Apple’s SVOD Aims Not To Offend Anyone

It has a $1 billion budget and multiple projects in development, but questions about the product on Apple's upcoming streaming on-demand service have been on the rise and now The Wall Street Journal has posted a report which says...
Telltale Games Goes Into Majority Closure

Telltale Games Goes Into Majority Closure

The past decade has seen Telltale Games undergo a renaissance with their episodic game series based on properties "The Walking Dead," "Batman," "Fables," "Game of Thrones" and more. That is coming to an end though with Kotaku receiving a statement...
Joker Joaquin Phoenix Make Up Test

“Joker” Joaquin Phoenix Make-Up Test

Filmmaker Todd Phillips has posted a new camera test video which seemingly reveals Joaquin Phoenix's full make-up in the upcoming "Joker" movie at Warner Bros. Pictures. The appearance goes straight for a circus clown look to differentiate itself...
Photo Meet The New Chucky In Childs Play

Photo: Meet New Chucky In “Child’s Play”

The first photo has been released of the new look of serial killing doll Chucky in "Polaroid" director Lars Klevberg's "Child's Play" remake at MGM. Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry lead the cast of the film which began shooting...
First Trailer Oscar Isaac In Life Itself

“Life Itself” Director Slams Film’s Criticism

You can run a highly successful and acclaimed TV series, that doesn't necessarily mean you can direct a great film. "Mad Men" series creator Matthew Weiner learned that the hard way when he tried directing the 2014 feature "Are You...
Stars Offer More Captain Marvel Details

Stars Offer More “Captain Marvel” Details

in the wake of its cover story two weeks back, Entertainment Weekly has been chatting with numerous stars involved in the upcoming "Captain Marvel" movie at Marvel Studios and have learned quite a bit more about the film which...
Netflix Amazon Films Could Come To Imax

Netflix & Amazon Films Could Come To IMAX

Streaming giants Netflix and Amazon are reportedly considering IMAX theatrical releases for their original features reports THR. The trade says talks are ongoing with the giant screen format provider about potential releases. IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, speaking at the...
Mcqueen Dont Watch Movies On Laptops

McQueen: Don’t Watch Movies On Laptops

"Shame" and "Hunger" filmmaker Steve McQueen is a proud supporter of the cinema experience, and he's not afraid to share it. In fact, some comments he made about it whilst promoting his new film "Widows" at the Toronto...
Apple Can Remove Purchased Digital Films

Apple Can Remove Purchased Digital Films

Have you been ditching your physical media library for a digital one from a major VOD library and feel reasonably safe in the knowledge those films will always be available? Think again. Twitter user Anders G. da Silva (drandersgs)...

Oscars Postponing Its Most Popular Film Award

In a surprise reversal, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced today that they will be postponing the new 'popular' movie category following widespread criticism - meaning the new Oscars category will not be present at the...
Captain Marvel Pics Show Skrulls Ronan

“Captain Marvel” Pics Show Skrulls & Ronan

Following EW's first look cover and story an hour ago, the magazine has releases several more stills from the upcoming Marvel Studios "Captain Marvel" film. The new shots offer a first look at the notorious Marvel alien villains the Skrulls...
The First Official Look At Captain Marvel 3

The First Official Look At “Captain Marvel”

Brie Larson's Captain Marvel leads the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly with both the first official publicity shot of the actress in character along with an exclusive first look featurette about her Air-Force-pilot-turned-intergalactic-hero. Set in the 1990s,...
Spider Man Ps4 Game Draws Strong Reviews

“Spider-Man” PS4 Game Draws Strong Reviews

Reviews are out for Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4-exclusive "Spider-Man" and the verdict is very good. The game has racked up an 87/100 score on Metacritic, that's not the stellar 94/100 that "God of War" snagged back in April...
Votd Shut Up About Plot Holes

VOTD: “Shut Up About Plot Holes”

A while back a YouTube user by the name of Patrick h. Willems did a video essay about the color grading, or rather lack thereof it, in the Marvel Studios films that scored a lot of attention. He...
Shatner Directing Star Trek V Was A Mistake

Shatner: Directing “Star Trek V” Was A Mistake

While fans may debate the merits of "Star Trek Into Darkness," that film's criticism pales in comparison to the critical drubbing several of the pre J.J. Abrams-era "Star Trek" films received - most notably the much vilified "Star Trek...
Dc Universe Streamer Launches Sept 15th

DC Universe & “Titans” Set Launch Dates

A September 15th launch date has been set for DC Universe, the new streaming service that will serve as the home of multiple new TV series based on DC Comics titles. Original series like "Titans" will run on Fridays, with...
8k Lg Oled Samsung Qled Tvs Announced

8K LG OLED & Samsung QLED TVs Unveiled

The next battle for the rights to bring pictures into your living room has kicked off at IFA, Europe's biggest consumer electronics show this week with the two biggest rivals - LG and Samsung - unveiling 8K televisions at...
Beasts Is Falls Most Anticipated New Film

“Beasts” Is Fall’s Most Anticipated New Film

Fandango has done its annual user poll to find out what upcoming releases are the most highly anticipated of the Fall, and with both "Star Wars" and Marvel Studios sitting out the season this year it proved harder to...
Pearce Netflix Doesnt Like Binge Watching Term

Pearce: Netflix Doesn’t Like ‘Binge Watching’ Term

Though the term is synonymous with the service, it seems streaming giant Netflix doesn't appreciate the term 'binge-watching' which is used to describe the act of watching multiple episodes of a series in a short period of time -...

Netflix Plans More Blockbusters & Prestige Films

While Netflix has changed up the TV landscape forever, its impact on the film scene has been far more underwhelming. To date they've had one legitimate blockbuster ("Bright") which scored muted reviews, three prestige films of note ("Annihilation,"...
Gamescom 2019 Gameplay Trailers

GamesCom: 2019 Gameplay Trailers

The Division 2 Ubisoft's sequel to "Tom Clancy’s The Division 2" has begun taking pre-orders ahead of its March 15th release and those who do so will get access to the closed beta along with a Capitol Defender Pack including...

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